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Os atributos humanos são móveis e, por isso, sujeitos de crenças inabaláveis. Pois só o incerto é alvo de certezas.

Quantas verdades ou… - cultura - variedades - Estadão

Barbacoa! (via Mexican Taco art | Art and design inspiration from around the world - CreativeRoots)

(via New York City photos by Charles W. Cushman reveal 1940s life in the Big Apple | Mail Online)

Then again, maybe I am too “connected”. Half of my daydreaming is spent in my head, the other half online. To an outsider – typically someone over forty – it must look strange. Blue links highlighted. Flashing windows. Twenty tabs open. Music playing. Headphones on. Lukewarm coffee on desk. Occasionally, I feel less like a person, and more like an amoeba that feeds on tweets, notifications, and followers.

What happens when the self is digitized? This just in. :: CultureBy – Grant McCracken

In contrast, Facebook is more than eight years old and it’s business model isn’t disruptive, it’s a blast from the past. Facebook innovations don’t make advertising more streamlined and transparent, they make it more complex and opaque.

Truth, Lies & Facebook Advertising - Forbes

Nostalgia for the good old days of disconnection would not just be pointless, it would be hypocritical and ungrateful. But the very magic of the new machines, the efficiency and elegance with which they serve us, obscures what isn’t being served: everything that matters. What Facebook has revealed about human nature—and this is not a minor revelation—is that a connection is not the same thing as a bond, and that instant and total connection is no salvation, no ticket to a happier, better world or a more liberated version of humanity. Solitude used to be good for self-reflection and self-reinvention. But now we are left thinking about who we are all the time, without ever really thinking about who we are. Facebook denies us a pleasure whose profundity we had underestimated: the chance to forget about ourselves for a while, the chance to disconnect.

Is Facebook Making Us Lonely? - Magazine - The Atlantic

God’s Eye View (by Brian Carroll)

Recent research confirms Mr. Jobs’s wisdom. The sociologist Martin Ruef, for instance, analyzed the social and business relationships of 766 graduates of the Stanford Business School, all of whom had gone on to start their own companies. He found that those entrepreneurs with the most diverse friendships scored three times higher on a metric of innovation. Instead of getting stuck in the rut of conformity, they were able to translate their expansive social circle into profitable new concepts.

Jonah Lehrer on How to Be Creative -

Que a alimentação é um dos maiores prismas culturais. Sim, pois ela é trilha de estudo da Filosofia, Sociologia, Antropologia e muitas outras ciências humanas. Talvez a gastronomia seja o mais alto degrau da nossa cultura. É num prato, numa refeição e em torno de uma mesa que encontramos a maior intersecção da natureza e da cultura.

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Eso es un domingo: paella valenciana (receta original de Empar Escoin) y un buen Albariño! 🇪🇸 (Taken with instagram)

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